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Fire in the Mountains was originally created to highlight the symbiotic relationship between heavy music and mountain landscapes. It was a way to bring people together to experience something extraordinary: the primal power of heavy music combined with the majesty and wildness of the Teton Mountain Range. What transpired was a truly unique and inspiring musical experience for the audience and bands alike.

Today, Fire in the Mountains is evolving to be much more than just a concert in the mountains. It’s the deliberate curation of music, art, education, food and adventure with the intention to cultivate our intrinsic nature through the act of rewilding; that is, to reconnect and immerse oneself with the natural world, thus strengthening our ancestral roots. This experience is about reconnecting with our basic human desires. We are typically so focused on looking forward that we often forget to look back.


Connecting to nature and oneself through music, art, adventure, and education, all in a remote wilderness setting, Fire in the Mountains will act as an immersion-based experience seeking to rekindle one’s inner fire and relationship with the natural world.